Costs - Tuition and Fees

Applicable to all Bible Institute programs

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Application Fee (non-refundable)


(One Time Fee)

Tuition Costs

R17 000.00


(Includes: Tuition Deposit, General Fee, Graduation Fee, Mission Trip, Books, and Team building.)
*General fee (which is included in the tuition) covers graduation badge, cap, gown, and banquet ticket.

Payment Policy - R150.00 Application fee.
An initial deposit of R6000.00 in total is due before the first day of orientation. (R3000 of the R6000 deposit is due within a month of acceptance to the school in order to secure a spot at intakes. Please make arrangements accordingly.)
This fee includes the general fee and tuition deposit. Payments may be made in person at the FBI office, or online. The following three quarters are R4000 each and R3000 in the last quarter. Payment is due before the first day of each quarter.

  • Any student account (R3000-R4000 per quarter) not paid by the first day of class will not be allowed to attend classes for that quarter until payments are made.
  • If there are individuals sponsoring your tuition, the same dates do apply. It is YOUR responsibility to check with the FBI office to verify payment and to keep communication with your sponsor.
  • Account: Standard Bank, Acc #331 777 371, Branch Code 051001, Ref: Applicant Name and Reason for payment, (i.e. – NameSurname/Application Fee)

Refund Policy
If for any reason you find it necessary to withdraw from school during the course of the quarter, the tuition will be refunded only if the following procedures have been complied with:

  • A student has completed the necessary withdrawal form and returned it to the FBI office.
  • The student is in good standing with FBI at the time of withdrawal.
  • The student is not leaving due to disciplinary action that has been taken or will be taken against him/her.
  • The student has no outstanding balance.

Any student who withdraws from the institution and does not complete the proper withdrawal procedures is responsible for all tuition costs and fees. Once the proper withdrawal procedures are completed, the refund will be provided in the following manner:

Week 1

100% refunded

Student owed 0%

Week 2

75% refunded

Student owed 25%

Week 3

50% refunded

Student owed 50%

Week 4

0% refunded

Student owed 100%

The weeks listed above begin on the first day of the school year regardless of when the student begins attending class. The percentage listed as refunded reflects the percentage of full tuition that is to be returned to the student. The percentage listed as student owes reflects the amount that will be retained by FBI as part of the full tuition fee owed by the student. This refund policy only applies to students who have completed the proper withdrawal forms. Please allow thirty days for any refund.






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